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Last Updated: February 1, 2018 is a website operated by the Northern California Community Loan Fund, a nonprofit organization. connects nonprofits with individuals and entities that offer spaces for rent.  Our website is open to everyone but to utilize our service users are asked to provide some basic information.  Because we are collecting information and displaying some of that information on our website, we want you to know what information we collect, and how we keep it.

By using our website, you agree to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy. You also agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions, which can be accessed by clicking this link.  We may change our Privacy policy from time to time at our discretion.  Changes, along with the date of the changes will be posted on this page.

First of all, to utilize our service, users are directed to create an account. To create an account the user is asked enter their legal name and to create and enter a unique user name and a unique password.  We strongly recommend that users enter a strong password that is not used for other sites and store that password securely. If a password is forgotten or lost, a new password must be generated.  Other information may be entered by the user if the user chooses, but the other information is not essential for use of the site.

In utilizing our service, lessors list information about the spaces available for rent.  And, if the information fits with the needs of a prospective lessee, the lessee contacts the lessor directly through a link provided through our website.

The Information That We Store

 The information that we store is basic identification and contact information of our  registered users.  That information includes names, addresses, email addresses and passwords.  If the user opts to enter additional information to provide a more robust profile, that information is stored by us as well and may include telephone numbers, social media usernames, and other information entered by the user at the user’s discretion.  Those users that choose to place a listing for lease are also required to enter information describing the location for lease and information necessary for a lessee to compare property options, including space descriptions, location, size and lease terms.

How the Information Is Stored and Used.

 The information is stored on servers maintained by us or by a third party service provider. does not use the information. The information is not sold or disclosed to any third party except for the parties to the listing – the lessor and the lessee.  Please note that information shared by you with a third party, including lessors and lessees is not within our control, and we can do nothing to secure such information once it has been disclosed to the third party by you.

At times we might aggregate the information and use it to optimize our site or make the user experience more efficient.

If demanded, we may make the information available to law enforcement or to individuals that have obtained a court ordered subpoena.

How the Information Is Protected.

 We and our service providers have implemented industry standard measures to provide security on our website.  We cannot and do not guarantee that site will not be hacked or that third parties may improperly obtain information stored by us.


 We do not use Cookies.

Contact Us With Questions

 Questions about Privacy Policy can be directed to us at:

Luba Yusim
Northern California Community Loan Fund
870 Market Street, Suite 677
San Francisco, CA 94102