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  • Capitalization Budget - A capitalization budget is a type of multi-year budget that helps organizations plan for large financial transactions in the future, like real estate acquisition, tenant improvements, a new program launch, or a new site opening. More
  • Multi-Year Budget - A multi-year budget is an excellent tool for managing through a period of growth or change. More
  • Quarterly Budgets - Quarterly budgets are a form of scenario planning on a micro level, quarter by quarter. By creating three opportunities for course correction throughout the year, nonprofit leaders can manage to the budgeted annual bottom line despite unexpected changes in income or expenses. More
  • Guide to Financial Ratios - Use this tool to monitor your organization's health. More
  • Revenue Risk Calculator - Use this tool to map the likelihood that revenue in process will be successfully secured, and adjust your budget accordingly. More
  • Financial Decision-Making Roadmap - The Financial Decision-Making Roadmap will help guide nonprofit staff and Board Members through a step-by-step process of organizational analysis. More
  • Scenario Planner - Use this tool to model three different financial scenarios - optimistic, moderate, and conservative - based on various inputs developed by nonprofit staff and board members. More
  • Space Calculator - The Space Calculator is a handy tool that will help you to get a sense of the usable square feet in your current location, the minimum amount of space that meets your needs, and how much space you would ideally like to have in your next location. More
  • Leasing Timeline - This handy Gantt chart outlines the path to your organization’s next home. From building your organizational understanding of what you need and where you want to be, to touring spaces and negotiating leases, this timeline gives you a general understanding of the leasing process. More
  • Business Plan Outline - Business planning is an excellent practice to create and maintain a healthy organization. This outline provides a starting point to begin thinking about and creating a business plan that will help your organization thrive. More
  • Selecting A Project Manager - Once your organization has landed that lease, you’ll likely be engaging in a tenant improvement project to get that space built out the way you need it. Download our tool for some tips on what to consider when selecting a project manager. More
  • Sample Audit - A guide to the nonprofit audit. More
  • New Markets Tax Credits Primer - NMTCs can finance community projects such as childcare, health clinics, charter schools, family resource centers, community arts centers, and other neighborhood-serving facilities. Check out this NMTC primer to get an overview of the basic NMTC financial transaction and key players involved. More
  • Selecting an Architect - Whether you are constructing a new building or undergoing renovations, here's a guide deciding which architect is right for you. More
  • Sources & Uses Template - A Sources & Uses template summarizes the one-time expenses and financing plan for a capital project. Download this template to start budgeting for your project. More
  • Touring Checklist - You don't want any surprises in your new space once you've signed a lease and moved in. These are helpful questions to keep in mind when touring potential spaces. More
  • Simplified Real Estate Development Chart - The real estate process is long and involved. This general layout of the real estate development process is a guide through phases of development. More
  • Guide to Office & Lease Terms - Want to know the difference between a Class A and Class B Building? Discover that and more in this glossary! More
  • Capacity Building Worksheet - As you embark on a real estate project, you will need to evaluate your organizational readiness More
  • 11 Ways to Negotiate Your Lease - A guide to asking for what you want in a lease. More

Financial Decision-Making Roadmap

Financial decision-making can be overwhelming regardless of whether you are experiencing an operating crisis or investing new dollars for long-term growth. Having solid reserves – a dream for many organizations – does not alleviate the challenge of making strategic financial decisions under pressure. Difficult decisions exist within every budget size, sector, and life cycle phase of nonprofit financial management.

We created this Financial Decision-Making Roadmap to guide nonprofit staff and board members through a step-by-step process of organizational analysis.

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