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  • 11 Ways to Negotiate Your Lease- A guide to asking for what you want in a lease. More
  • Budget & Cash Flow Template- Need to create or revise a budget? Don't know where to start? We already started for you! More
  • Capacity Building Worksheet- As you embark on a real estate project, you will need to evaluate your organizational readiness More
  • Commercial Real Estate Glossary- We know that as a nonprofit or social enterprise, you are focused on your programs and clients, not necessarily on searching for new space. The real estate process can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Keep this glossary handy to look up definitions for commonly used real estate terms that you are likely to hear on your search. More
  • Guide to Office & Lease Terms- Want to know the difference between a Class A and Class B Building? Discover that and more in this glossary! More
  • Sample Lease- An example of a basic lease. More
  • Selecting an Architect- Whether you are constructing a new building or undergoing renovations, here's a guide deciding which architect is right for you. More
  • Simplified Real Estate Development Chart- The real estate process is long and involved. This general layout of the real estate development process is a guide through phases of development. More
  • Sources & Uses Template- A Sources & Uses template summarizes the one-time expenses and financing plan for a capital project. Download this template to start budgeting for your project. More
  • Touring Checklist- You don't want any surprises in your new space once you've signed a lease and moved in. These are helpful questions to keep in mind when touring potential spaces. More

Budget & Cash Flow Template

Need to create or revise a budget? Don’t know where to start? We already started for you!

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Our consulting team offers financial management and real estate consulting to nonprofit organizations seeking to expand capacity, evaluate real estate readiness, and use financial resources more strategically. Get in touch to learn more.